How To Hang A Dartboard Backboard

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Your throw is the number one thing to consider when playing darts. When a dart is thrown, it moves in a parabolic curve to its target and this parabolic nature of the throw is what you need to consider. The throw must involve every part of your body; some parts may be fixed while some other parts must move as the dart moves. To make your throw a good one, dart board regulations you need to consider the following:

Most homeowners prefer a three-light-mount configuration that can be installed on the ceiling. The idea here is to be able to angle the light to create an overlap or dart board length a cross lighting effect, which will minimize shadows from each directional spot light.

All these dartboards are still played on today, although the London (Clock) style, with it’s two concentric rings and black, cream, red and green colour scheme is still the most popular.

With a little for darts distance thought, darts distance during your basement finishing design stage, you can be prepared to have the worlds best dart board setup, instead of just a circle on the wall.

If applicable in league play, the backup feature can be used two times, by either team, during a game. If the backup button must be pushed more than one time consecutively to correct the error, this counts as only one use of the feature. Any use of the backup feature more than twice in a game is treated as a foul, darts measurements and distance for a dart board the corresponding penalties will apply (see section on Fouls).

If you want to know how to hang a dartboard, you should take these tips. Hanging an official target at home allows you to practice more often and take your game to the next level. It is crucial to have continuity in darts’ practice; therefore, you will want to hook the target at the prescribed height for the dartboard. Also, take care of the distance.

For instance, if you’re dealing with a steel tip dartboard, the diagonal distance should be 9 feet 7 3/8 inches (2.93 meters) while for the case of a soft tip dartboard, the distance should be 9 feet 9 ½ inches (2.98 meters).

The height since the formalisation of both height and throwing distance should be as show 173cm height and 237cm length. The imperial measure for the height was rounded up by 0.28cm a very slight change however other regional dartboard height is still referred to in the older imperial measurement but you will see I have also added the metric equivalent.

Before knowing the dartboard measurements, you should know the terminology used in defining the game. The center of the dartboard where the players target darts is called Bullseye. Whereas, Oche is the word used to determine the point where the players stand and throw the darts. 

As a reminder, never set up a dartboard near windows, glass, or fragile appliances and furniture. Whether you are a beginner or dart board regulation professional darts player, accidents can happen, especially if you are using steel tip darts. Installing a dartboard backboard can significantly decrease the chances of ruining your wall.